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NASC - North American Services Center

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Build your career. Secure your future. Explore New opportunity abroad.NASC offers easy installment scheme, free post landing services and financing of government fees. Professional Immigration Services offered for Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA. NEW RULES ANNOUNCED!!! Fast Track CANADA (ask for details) Changes announced Avail NASC unique package of services. Apply Today and be in Canada in 6-9 months. We will even pay for your ticket.  Fill out free assessment form at our website: | Email: | Kathryn MacDonald, (CCIC) Full Member of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) Commissioner for Oaths (Document Attestation). NASC - North American Services Center "23 Years of Professional Services Worldwide" 2nd Floor, Suite No. 203, Green Corner Bldg, Rigga Road, Deira, Dubai, UAE Tel: +9714-2280422  | | Nurses visit | Email : | Doctors visit | and fill out free online assessment form. The most trusted and successful name in the International Immigration Industry.